We are Here to Help You in Special Circumstances due to COVID

We understand the unexpected financial hardship many students are facing due to COVID-19 pandemic. Many resources including grants and scholarships are available to make quality education accessible for those in need!

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Special Circumstances Due to COVID

Due to the current pandemic, the Financial Aid Office recognizes that students and their families may have extenuating financial circumstances that the standard need analysis form (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA) does not consider.

Our Financial Aid Office tries to analyze and recognize the need for students to appeal for consideration of applicable special circumstances due to COVID.

To request a review of your extenuating financial circumstances related to COVID-19:

  • Complete and submit the Special Circumstances Appeal Due to COVID-19 form to the Financial Aid Office. Only complete this form if you or your parents have experienced changes due to COVID-19. For other special circumstance situations, please reach out to our office.
  • Attach to this form all documentation that supports your extenuating financial circumstances. The form lists what type of documentation is required, depending on your special circumstance. Appeals submitted without the required supporting documentation will be denied.

NOTE: Only complete this form if you or your parents have experienced changes to employment or incurred medical expenses due to COVID-19.

Do not let special circumstances due to COVID limit your career goals.

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