Prepare for Direct Workforce or University Transfer With an Associate Degree

Our Associate Degree Programs are driven by industry experts and experiences, preparing students with real-world knowledge before graduation.

Our 2-year Associate Degree Programs prepare students for direct workforce entry, higher earning potential, career advancement, transfer opportunities, and much more.

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Earn an Associate Degree Designed for You

Our programs are guided by industry experts, ensuring students gain the experience they need for successful careers. Plus, many programs include elective options that allow students to design a pathway to a degree.

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Are You a New Student?

Create a solid foundation in any career field by earning an Associate degree. Our programs blend content knowledge and workforce skills leading employers are seeking in the workplace.

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Are You a Transfer Student?

Transferring credits into Blue Ridge CTC? You are not alone, as nearly one-third of all students transfer between institutions. Save time and money by exploring our transfer evaluation tool.

Why Pursue an Associate Degree?

Associate degrees incorporate the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to pursue employment directly after graduation!

Associate degrees target the real-world, job-ready skills needed to be successful in the workforce. With an Associate degree, gain the knowledge necessary to step into in-demand and high-earning career opportunities all while getting an affordable and flexible education.

    • As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 99 occupations typically require an associate’s degree or a postsecondary such as certificate as minimum qualification at a median pay scale of $52,830 per year.
    • BLS predicts through 2016-2026, occupations requiring an associate degree and certificate would experience an 11% job growth.
    • As per Blue Ridge CTC’s Graduate report, 34% of graduates successfully found jobs with our career assistance, while 54% of students continued their education.



Require an associate degree or certificate as minimum qualification at an average wage of $52,830.


Job Growth

Is expected in occupations requiring an associate degree or certificate as a minimum qualification.


of BRCTC’s Alumni

Successfully entered the workforce after earning an Associate degree.


of BRCTC’s Alumni

Continue their education after earning a certificate or Associate degree.

Earn an Associate Degree to Prepare for Real Careers

Blue Ridge CTC offers degree options for all goals. By earning an Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, or an Associate of Arts degree, plan for direct workforce entry or transfer to a 4-year school while gaining practical knowledge across multiple fields. Make your choice from the Associate Degree Program list.

Campus Life at Blue Ridge CTC Develops Character

We support the ambitions of the next generation thus we foster a collaborative campus culture where students are encouraged to participate in intellectual debates, develop talent, problem-solving skills, question conventional wisdom, and bring forth new ideas.

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Financial Aid Left

Worried About Paying for College? Many Options Exist for Financial Aid.

Blue Ridge CTC provides need-based financial aid to qualified applicants, ensuring all students have equal access to quality education.

Whether you are a student worrying about tuition fees or are a parent assisting a child paying for college, we have a wide variety of financial resources available.

  • State and Federal Grant Programs
  • Student Work-Study Opportunities
  • Student Loans
  • Special Grant Funding Opportunities
  • Blue Ridge CTC Foundation Scholarship opportunities

Get Financial Aid

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Transforming Students Beyond Academics!

The Office of Career Services assists students in exploring lucrative career opportunities, building an empowering professional portfolio, and preparing for in-demand career opportunities.

Career Assessment & Advising

Explore excellent career choices through a career inventory assessment! Select a career field that matches your interest, values, and passions.

Resume Assistance

An impressive resume has the power to open doors! Our expert staff can help sell your strongest skills, qualities, and accomplishments to set you up on a career path that is ready to grow.

Mock Interviews

Know your mistakes before they count by scheduling a mock interview! Prepare for an interview by obtaining real feedback that helps you formulate smart answers to land your dream career!

Job Search & Placement

The Office of Career Services partners within the community to bring career opportunities to students! Take advantage of job search and placement assistance to find your dream career.

Resume Referral Service

A thoughtful recommendation validates your talent! Register for the resume referral service to promote your skills to the employers you are pursuing.

Career Fair & Networking

As a part of Blue Ridge CTC, you experience free recruiting and networking events that help you connect directly with recruiters.

Your Experience at Blue Ridge CTC

When students choose Blue Ridge CTC as their catalyst to career growth, they experience world-class education focused on real-time work exposure in an environment focused on personal and professional skills.

World-class Faculty & Pedagogy

Our faculty are committed to using real-world experience to shape a student’s competency in the job market by:

Delivering real-world use cases to shape students’ job market competency.

Imparting teaching that promotes creativity, innovation, and workforce-ready skills.

Extending a smart learning model that raises the job prospects of students.

Integrates best-in-class learning formats and resources to drive focused learning.

The Office of Career Services Supports the Student Job Search!

Career Services assists students when they begin college through graduation. Take advantage of services that ensure students:

Find a career that aligns with personal passions and professional goals.

Receive assistance with resume and cover letter writing.

Prepare for an interview through mock interviewing and networking events.

Connect directly with employers in specific industries.

Promoting Equity to Develop an Intercultural College Environment!

As a community of students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders, we strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campuses, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Campus diversity encourages open dialogue on campus.

Equity removes barriers and ensures equal opportunities are afforded to all.

Our campus offers an inclusive, welcoming environment where all are valued, celebrated, and included.

The campus community promotes diversity and inclusion through a variety of speakers and events.

Hands-on Training and Internship Opportunities

We are committed to providing students with real-time training and internship opportunities to enter the workforce directly after graduating

We provide Industry expert instructions to strengthen the job-specific skills and behavior of the students for real-world challenges.

We offer students on-the-job Internship opportunities to find their way to a successful career.

We provide industry-certified expert supervision and guidance to raise students’ job prospects in the government and Private sectors.

Our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, machinery, hardware, and software required to obtain the technical skills needed for real jobs.


Confused About Planning Your Next Move?

Take time to evaluate your options to select the right pathway to your future career!

Selecting a college major is a big deal! Our Counselors are here to set students up for success by providing the assistance needed to make an informed decision.

Not sure which Blue Ridge CTC Associate Degree Program is right for you? Register for a Career Assessment to examine your interests, skills, and inner strengths.

Need Help Finding More Information?

Talk to Our Counselors Today!

Our Learner's Voice!

Learn more about alumni who successfully reached their goals by earning an education at Blue Ridge CTC!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Doubts About Associate Degree in Accounting Programs? Let’s Put You on the Right Path!

Beginning with an associate degree provides options for students to target specific goals in a short amount of time. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college save time and money by earning an associate degree before taking advantage of one of nearly 100 transfer agreements currently in place with Blue Ridge CTC. Students seeking direct workforce entry positions train in one to two years and are qualified for many lucrative career opportunities available in our local economy. Our programs incorporate real-world skills and content-specific knowledge needed to successfully land the career of your dreams.
Students exploring career options should consider the time to complete, cost of tuition, and quality of the instruction provided. Students who need additional insight into career options should complete a free career inventory assessment to explore options that align with personal and professional interests. When selecting an associate degree program, start by deciding if your goal is to move directly into the workforce or transfer to a four-year school. Once you have a plan, look for a program that aligns with that goal.
Admission requirements include a high school diploma or equivalent and a complete application packet. Students who have earned credits at other Colleges or Universities must also provide official copies of those transcripts. There is also a $25 application fee that can be paid at any time once an application is submitted.
Blue Ridge CTC does not require ACT or SAT scores to qualify for admission. Students may need ACT or SAT scores, or free placement testing to qualify for courses such as English, Math, or Chemistry. Placement testing can be scheduled at any time during the application process.

Explore More Choices

Don’t rush. Make informed decisions when selecting a field of student.


Note: All salary projections are based on the current position and educational needs. BRCTC cannot guarantee that job titles or the projections given will be the salaries students or graduates will ultimately receive. Two year completion is approximate and based on full-time enrollment. Student testimonials, income statements, and examples on the College website are the results of real students. These testimonials are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her desire, commitment, dedication, and motivation to pursue academic and workforce opportunities. Testimonials are not intended to create a contract between a student and the College.

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