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Blue Ridge CTC offers affordable options for students to receive a quality education. Our campus offers diverse academic programs, pathways for high school students, career advancement opportunities, and more!

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BRCTC offers diverse academic programs to prepare students for direct workforce entry or university transfer. Our Admissions Office guides students throughout the application process.

Associate Degree Programs

Enroll in an Associate degree program to obtain transferable skills required for direct employment or continuing education in a chosen field.

    • Complete in two-years enrolled full-time
    • Available in Online, On-campus, and Hybrid modes
    • 60-70 Credit Hours
    • Financial Aid May be Available to Qualified Applicants

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Certificate Programs

Our short-term, economical certificate programs elevate your career skills in specialized areas. Certificate programs allow students to earn credit toward a future degree or obtain skills to enter the workforce directly.

    • Complete in One Year when enrolled Full-time
    • Available in On-campus, Hybrid, and Online
    • 30 Credit Hours
    • Financial Aids Available to Qualified Applicants

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Certification Programs

Our fast-paced Certification programs offer economical ways to acquire workforce-ready skills and jump-start your career. Certification programs are designed for entry into professional fields such as business, technology, healthcare, and more.

    • Approximately 5-months to complete
    • Available in On-campus, Hybrid, and Online Modes
    • 15 credit/clock hours
    • Certification driven

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Career Advancement Education

Blue Ridge CTC offers a variety of Career Advancement Education programs designed by industry professionals. Career Advancement pathways promote skill development in the current and future careers.

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Applying for Admissions

Blue Ridge CTC offers a variety of pathways for high school and adult learners. The application process is designed to align with a student’s status and academic goals.

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Admissions Counselors and Academic Advisors at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College help students navigate career paths throughout their academic journey.

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