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Policies & Rules

Rules Filed for 30 Day Comment Period

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Board of Governors Rules

Series 1: General

Rule 10.1 Change in the Organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments, or other Administrative Units
Rule 10.2 Naming or Renaming of Buildings or Organizational Units
Rule 11.1 Board of Governors Meetings – Organization and Operations of the Board of Governors
Rule 12.1 West Virginia Freedom of Information Act
Rule 13.1 Powers and Duties of the Board and President
Rule 14.1 Tobacco Free Campus
Rule 14.2 Drug Free Workplace & Drugs and Alcohol on Campus
Rule 14.3 Marketing of Credit Cards/Accounts on Campus
Rule 15.1 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual & Domestic Misconduct, Stalking, and Retaliation
Rule 16.1 Ethics
Rule 17.1 Record Retention

Series 2: Students

Rule 21.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Rule 22.1 Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees
Rule 24.1 Awarding of Student Tuition and Fee Waivers
Rule 25.1 Graduation Requirement
Rule 25.2 Transferability of Credits and Grades
Student Handbook 2013-2014
Student Handbook, Appendix A – Student Code of Conduct and Procedures

Series 3: Academic Affairs

Rule 34.1 Faculty Development

Series 4: Human Resources

Rule 42.1 Telecommuting
Rule 43.1 Holidays
Rule 43.2 Employee Leave
Rule 45.2 Part Time Employees and Adjunct Faculty

Series 5: Finance

Rule 52.1 Travel
Rule 54.1 Use of Facilities
Rule 55.1 Debt Collection

Series 7: Technology

Rule 71.1 Information Security


Blue Ridge CTC observes and enforces the following West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education Series of Rules:

Series 4:  Rules, Guidelines and Other Policy Statements by Governing Boards
Series 9: Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure
Series 10: Policy Regarding Program Review
Series 18: Assignment of Academic Credit and Financing Noncredit Instruction



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