Earn an Associate Degree in Plastics Engineering Technology

Train for a rewarding career with our comprehensive associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology. Get hands-on training from industry experts and pave the path into modern manufacturing and engineering firms.

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The Associate of Applied Science in Plastics Engineering Technology program is designed by expert faculty to provide students with industry-focused learning. Graduates seek careers in plastics engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, or engineering management.

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Set a solid foundation in the Human Services field with a 2-year associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology. Blue Ridge CTC offers a blend of real-world knowledge and additional workforce skills employers look for in qualified applicants.

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You are not alone, as almost a third of students transfer schools! Check our transfer evaluation tool to save money and time while transferring to our Associate of Applied Science in Plastics Engineering Technology.


New Jobs

Projected for Industrial Engineering Technologies and Technicians

4 %

Job Growth

Is predicted in the employment for Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians between 2020-2030.


Average Salary

For Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians

    • As per BLS, 64,100 new Jobs are projected for Industrial Engineering Technologies and Technicians.
    • As per BLS,$60,220 was compiled as the average Salary for Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians.
    • As per BLS, a 4 % Job Growth is predicted in the employment for Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians between 2020-2030.

Why Pursue the Plastics Engineering Technology Program?

The dynamic and industry-specific Plastics Engineering Technology program allows students to gain industry-specific technical knowledge and skills. Receive a blend of academic and experiential learning to prepare for the actual engineering workforce. The degree lets students:

    • Prepare for certification in CAD or Machining
    • Explore innovative laboratories in areas such as Robotics, CNC, CAD, and plastics processing.
    • Prepares to be a part of modern manufacturing and engineering firms.
    • Pursue an advanced or specialized degree in plastics engineering technology.

Prepare for a Rewarding Career With a Plastics Engineering Technology Degree

Interested in learning plastic material engineering techniques and processes? Blue Ridge CTC’s associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology allows students to gain the skills and knowledge required to enter or advance in the field.

Throughout the Plastics Engineering Technology associate degree program, students learn about the fundamentals of quality control, plastics processing, scaled manufacturing systems, and much more. The program is focused on work-based training which improves team building, communication, and other professional skills.

Earn an associate degree in Engineering Technology from our School of Workforce Development and Engineering Technology!


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What Will You Learn - Curriculum Overview

The Plastics Engineering Technology associate degree program teaches students fundamentals of plastics engineering and skills required to make a career as a plastics process technician, maintenance technician, and more.

The Plastics Engineering Technology associate degree program imparts learning of core concepts of plastics engineering such as identifying tools and equipment, quality control, blow molding, and more. The curriculum allows students to:

    • Identify industrial and personal safety equipment.
    • Understand the fundamentals of Quality Control.
    • Understand the fundamentals of plastics processing.
    • Properly set up, program, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a scaled manufacturing system.

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Build Your Future With Blue Ridge CTC

Blue Ridge CTC offers a holistic, industry-focused approach to learning, leading to a path-breaking career and continuing education opportunities.

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What You Experience at Blue Ridge CTC

Blue Ridge CTC acts as a catalyst to career goals, gives students exposure to real-time career prospects, and provides a learning environment supporting personal and professional growth.

World-class Pedagogy That Shapes Future Leaders!

Effective faculty is the backbone of any school. Our faculty are committed teachers and scholars who:

Deliver real-world learning to shape a students’ job market competency.

Impart teaching that promotes creativity and sets the base for further 4-year programs.

Extend a smart learning model that raises job prospects.

Integrate best-in-class learning formats and resources to drive focused learning.

Student Support Services and Spaces for Balanced Learning!

We provide comprehensive Student Support Services to promote student success.

Student Services provides a variety of support, including tutoring, accessibility accommodations, and more!

We provide high-tech classes, supporting labs, and study areas to promote a balanced education.

We recognize talent and celebrate performance with awards and acknowledgments.

We have supportive staff to help with personal, professional, and academic challenges.

Placement Assistance to Nurture Careers!

We support students from admission through the career search! Career Services assists students:

Find the right kind of job with a career inventory assessment.

Get assistance on resume writing and referral to participating employer partners.

With interview preparation to boost their morale and get prepared with the right narration to win job negotiations.

Get a holistic learning environment, where they are nurtured to become the next set of professionals entering the workforce.

Promoting Equity to Develop an Intercultural College Environment!

As a community of students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders, we strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campuses, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Campus diversity encourages open dialogue on campus.

Equity removes barriers and ensures equal opportunities are afforded to all.

Our campus offers an inclusive, welcoming environment where all are valued, celebrated, and included.

The campus community promotes diversity and inclusion through a variety of speakers and events.

Hands-on Training and Internship Opportunities

We are committed to providing students with real-time training and internship opportunities to enter the workforce directly after graduating.

We provide industry expert instruction to strengthen job-specific skills needed for real-world challenges.

We assist students with internship opportunities to find their way to a successful career.

We provide industry-certified expert supervision and guidance to raise students’ job prospects in the Government and Private sectors.

Our campus is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, machinery, hardware, and software required to provide the technical skills needed for real jobs.

Our Learner’s Voice!

Learn more about alumni who successfully reached their goals by earning an education at Blue Ridge CTC!

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Worried About Paying for College? Many Options Exist for Financial Aid.

Blue Ridge CTC provides need-based financial aid to qualified applicants, ensuring all students have equal access to quality education.

Whether you are a student worrying about tuition fees or are a parent assisting a child paying for college, we have a wide variety of financial resources available.

    • State and Federal Grant Programs
    • Student Work-Study Opportunities
    • Student Loans
    • Special Grant Funding Opportunities
    • Blue Ridge CTC Foundation Scholarship opportunities

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Admissions Counselors and Academic Advisors at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College help students navigate career paths throughout their academic career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Blue Ridge CTC’s associate degree in Plastics Engineering Technology? We can help!

Though engineering remains a rewarding career path, plastics engineering is in higher demand than the norm. There are various employment opportunities available, ranging from entry-level to seasoned professionals. Gain a solid technical understanding of plastics through a two-year associate degree program in Plastics Engineering Technology and pursue high-demand R&D jobs available in the local economy.
Admission requirements for Blue Ridge CTC Plastics Engineering Technology A.A.S. degree include a high school diploma or equivalent and a complete application packet. Students who have earned credits at other colleges or universities must also provide official copies of those transcripts. There is also a $25 application fee that can be paid at any time after submitting the application.
Blue Ridge CTC Plastics Engineering Technology program does not require ACT or SAT scores to qualify for admission to on-campus or online associate degree programs. Students may need ACT or SAT scores, or free placement testing to qualify for courses such as English, Math, or Chemistry. Placement testing can be scheduled at any time during the application process.
When looking for an Associate of Applied Science in Plastics Engineering Technology at a community college, be sure to check:
  • Accreditation by recognized authorities
  • Qualified faculty and industry-driven learning delivery
  • Job search and placement assistance
  • Financial Assistance for qualified students

Throughout the Plastics Engineering Technology associate degree program, students learn practical skills on how to:

  • Identify industrial and personal safety equipment
  • Identify tools and equipment used in plastics engineering
  • Understand the fundamentals of Quality Control
  • Understand the fundamentals of plastics processing
  • Understand the processing methods of injection and blow molding
  • Utilize CAS and CAW to construct molds and plastics parts
  • Identify common robotic applications in the workplace and much more.
After completing the Plastics Engineering Technology associate degree programs, students can gain skills required to enter the workforce as Production Engineer, Safety Supervisor, Lecturer, Mold & Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Product Designer, Quality Control in-charge, R&D Officer, and more.


Note: All salary projections are based on the current position and educational needs. BRCTC cannot guarantee that job titles or the projections given will be the salaries students or graduates will ultimately receive. Two year completion is approximate and based on full-time enrollment. Student testimonials, income statements, and examples on the College website are the results of real students. These testimonials are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her desire, commitment, dedication, and motivation to pursue academic and workforce opportunities. Testimonials are not intended to create a contract between a student and the College.

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