Parent PLUS Loan Program at Blue Ridge CTC

Paying for college can be challenging! Blue Ridge CTC supports parents in reducing their financial burden in the journey of their children’s future success. We assist parents to apply for the Parent Plus Loan Program to support the educational expenses of their dependents.

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How to Apply For the Parent Plus Loan Program?

Find these easy steps to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan program at Blue Ridge CTC to make education more affordable for your child to achieve their career goal.

Parent PLUS Loan Program

Dependent students who still require additional loans to assist with college expenses are able to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan program. This credit-based loan is in the name of the parent and must begin to be repaid as soon as disbursement begins.

Great Advice for Parents

Blue Ridge CTC partners with Inceptia to assist students and parents with Default Management. Parents should review the Great Advice for Parents brochure, which explains many questions parents have regarding the college process.

Parents should review the Repayment Checklist with students receiving loans.

Many parents and students have questions regarding the requirement to provide parental information on the FAFSA. Unless the student meets specific federal criteria, parental information is required until the age of 24. Learn more regarding dependency status on the Student Aid website.

Need more information about the Parent Plus Loan program at Blue Ridge CTC?

Our financial aid office is here to make paying for college affordable by assisting you in the loan program for dependent students. We help your child in their pursuit of a fruitful career without limitation!

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