Shape Your Workforce with Our Workforce Training Programs

Blue Ridge CTC equips employee groups with flexible, relevant, and high-quality workforce training and continuing education solutions to shape their job-ready skills while meeting business objectives.

Blue Ridge CTC equips your workforce with real-world knowledge and skills needed for technical or professional occupations. Our Workforce development programs in West Virginia are taught by skilled, professional instructors who are guided by industry skill standards and advisory committees.

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Ready to Expand Your Employee Skillsets?

Train, equip, and retain only the best talent to build a capable workforce! We introduce modern organizations with real-time,relevant workforce training and development programs that lead to:

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Enhanced efficiency, knowledge, and on-the-job performance.

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Adherence to quality standards with new and improved solutions.

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Consistency in the work atmosphere with well-equipped and efficient resources.

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Making teams and individuals productive in the workforce.

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Promoting teamwork and setting standards for accountability and training.

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Building strong communication and collaborative environments to ensure efficiency.

Blue Ridge CTC Facilitates Credits for Continuing Education and Employee Development

While providing employees relevant, high-quality customized workforce training, we also offer college credits to support skillsets obtained.

Our Workforce development certificate programs are designed keeping job-market and employee groups’ interests in mind. The industry-driven module, quality of instructions, format of learning delivery are planned in a way such that employee group can:

    • Improve on-the-job skills, techniques, usage of tools, equipment, resources for quality outcomes.
    • Experience improved job performance, productivity, and workflow.
    • Advance skills and knowledge for a better market visibility and earning potential.
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Preparing Competent Talent Solutions

Blue Ridge Workforce development training programs aim at providing strategic solutions to contribute to a collective, unified, and skilled workforce that meets business efficiency and economic development.

Preparing Competent Talent Solutions


Close skill gaps in demanded roles and make your current talent equipped and competent with industrial skills for the current and future markets.

New Hires?

Before onboarding new hires, establish new employee procedures, training objectives to get maximum on hiring and onboarding investments.


Ensure talent’s lateral growth by equipping them with new skills and capabilities to meet the business’s untapped potential and opportunities.

Onboard the Best

With full-service training, recruitment strategy, and consulting, create and sustain a competitive advantage to acquire the best talent available.

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Ready to Future-Proof Your Workforce?

Your workforce of tomorrow needs a winning mindset and a diverse array of skills to do the job with great productivity and enthusiasm. Blue Ridge CTC’s team enforces customized workforce training programs to upskill the talent and uplift the enterprises of the local community.

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Looking for the best workforce development programs to upskill and reskills your employee group? Get in touch with our professional Program Director of Customized Training and Workforce Development to onboard and retain best talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Have doubts about Workforce Training Programs? Let’s put you on the right path!

Apart from a customized training curriculum and instructions by subject matter experts, Blue Ridge offers a range of value-adding benefits to both employer and employee groups in the following forms:

  • Internships and customizable apprenticeship opportunities to successful participants.
  • Access to Career Services activities, including job postings, mock interviews, and College-sponsored job fairs.
  • Access to Innovative lab space at the Spring Tech Innovation Labs.
  • Assigned customer relationship manager as a college point of contact.
  • Room use for meetings, interviewing, and testing prospective employees with Saturday access.
  • Wraparound start-up services are inclusive of incubation space with internet access.

Your business gets served beyond the skilled workforce when you invest in BRCTC’s Workforce Training Programs.

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