Invest in Customized Workforce IT Training Programs

BRCTC’s Workforce Development Tech Training programs train employee groups of different sectors to contribute to effective use of technology solutions and planning for improved workflow and productivity!

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Did You Future-Proof The Workforce?

Let the workforce adapt to new technologies to help cope with the needs of a rapidly changing business and economic environment. We provide a comprehensive array of Workforce Development IT Training options designed for workforce-ready skill enhancement.

IT Skills Workforce Earns With BRCTC
    • Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCDA
    • Computer Networking (CCENT)
    • Adobe Animate, InDesign, and Illustrator
    • Document Processing
    • HTML
    • MS Office Products
    • Programming in Python
    • Web Design

Staying Current

Learning new IT skills makes the workforce more confident in using emerging technology, being more efficient, and ultimately saving the organization’s cost and time.


Knowing what resources are available and how to use them efficiently is a great skill to have as an IT professional. With sound knowledge, the workforce can deliver more positive outcomes.

Increased Productivity

Technology in the workplace has helped workers become more efficient than ever before. Upskilling with hands-on training teaches more useful methods and avoids redundant efforts.

Why Consider Blue Ridge CTC?

We accurately assess and identify specific training needs within the organization to align workforce training with the organizational goal and make employees future-ready.

Blue Ridge CTC Workforce IT training program focuses on improving the employees’ efficiency and productivity by enhancing their IT skills, workplace skills and training them to cope with the industry changes and technological progression. We provide:

    • Customized Workforce Development for IT training module for each partner to suit their specific needs.
    • College credit to all participants who complete a training course.
    • Sound knowledge of real-world applications taught by industry experts.
    • Focus on the core skills by imparting training on subjects like Computer Applications Training, Computer Network Engineering, and Cyber Security.
    • Concrete background theory, applications information, and programming practices to the workforce.

What Makes IT Workforce Development Lifecycle With Us a Unique Experience?

Blue Ridge CTC Corporate IT training program involves structured pillars around which the employees receive the industry’s best training plan focused on developing a technologically sound talent pipeline.

Immersive Learning

Labs and assessments accelerate skill-building by allowing the learners to apply their knowledge. Build and reskill the workforce to proactively acquire the competencies needed to drive business outcomes and stay ahead of the competition.

Industry-driven Curriculum

Courses are planned, prepared, and updated keeping IT marketplace’s requirements so that learners always have access to relevant and real-time instruction and content. We ensure to keep the team up-to-date on the newest tech and IT trends.

Robust Training Methods

We provide comprehensive, result-driven training methods that offer practical knowledge of concepts through real-time use cases. Providing flexible scheduling and active collaboration with faculty for education and training initiatives.

Driving Innovation

Setting a strong foundation for innovation by preparing the employees to interpret, apply, and leverage emerging technology and adhere to the newest tech and IT trends that enhance productivity.

Employee-led Training Program

Arguably, the most critical strategy for workforce development is to let the learner set the what, where, and how of their development. With employee-intensive training plans, we help target groups develop their skills without losing any interest during the training process.

Types of Corporate Tech Training Programs Offered at BRCTC

Businesses must keep their workforce competent and aware of new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. We equip the diversified workforce with the following in-demand skills through academic and technical instructions.

Words Of Appreciation

Here is what the clients benefitted from Blue Ridge CTC’s customized training programs have to say.

Business Relations We Nurture

We are proud to be part of a dynamic business community that trust our partnership and delivery.

Meet The Experts at Blue Ridge CTC

Connect with the workforce experts at Blue Ridge CTC who have knowledge and experience to help organizations build an effective workforce.

Let Not Finances Stop From Unlocking Workforce Potential!

To encourage lifelong learning and provide resources for the intellectual growth and enrichment of the workforce, we have several options to help cover the cost of career-focused training.

Having a skilled workforce is essential for employers to remain competitive in today's economy. Thereby, we offer well-thought-of financial assistance and grant funding to employers to get their team the most competitive training program. It includes:

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Incentivizing the Workforce With College Credits For Continued Learning

We provide employees with college credit during the workforce training program to ensure that they are well-recognized for completing the training.

To keep employees’ morale high during the workforce training program and achieve the best outcome, we provide college credit to all participants who complete the training course. We appreciate the effort they put into their coursework, along with the number of hours dedicated to finishing a particular training program.

  • A customized training program that suits individualized business needs.
  • Delivering high-quality, accelerated training through professional instructors.
  • Preparing efficient, productive, and dedicated tech talent into the workplace.

Enhance Productivity With The Power of Knowledge

We educate employees about industry best skills with custom-designed training programs to strengthen business processes and the economy at large. From workplace training to real-time application, Blue Ridge CTC provides outcome-based education.

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