General 29 Chrystal N. Nugent-Hicks

“I loved the class sizes, teachers, the communication between instructors, and the overall sense of wellbeing at Blue Ridge CTC. “

General 30 Loretta Thomas

“The English instructors were great!”

General 31 Rosa Turk

“Blue Ridge CTC makes education accessible to anyone and is teaching the next generation of professionals.”

General 32 Cathrine Drish

“My professor encouraged me to apply for a new job and take the leap toward the next stage of my career.”

General 33 Daisha Foster

“My professors were understanding and worked with me to ensure I succeded.”

Course Specific 13

“My advisor guided me through everything, and she had a lot of patience and understanding. She always answered any questions that I asked her promptly, and I never felt like I was being “looked down upon” for asking.”
“Everyone at Blue Ridge CTC including moy professors of Associate Degree program in Mechatronics has been helpful and polite. I would surely recommend the school to any of my friend or coworkers who show interest in going back to school.”

General 19

“The staff at Blue Ridge CTC was phenomenal and helped five me a great experience as a kid who will be first in my family to graduate.”

General 18

“The instructors are amazing. I also received assistance when my family was in financial need with dry goods and food.”

General 17

“Having the ability to take my classes online via Zoom was the perfect scenario for me.”

General 16

“BRCTC is small enough that all of the professors know your name and help you when you need it. You don’t feel like just a number like at some four-year institutions.”