General 14

“My professors gave all of the students in my class the care they needed to succeed.”

General 13

“Everyone was always so nice and helpful. I made a lot of new friends. I would recommend this college to anyone!”

General 12

“My instructors all knew me by name and I felt like more than a number. I transferred to a four-year institution after BRCTC and felt prepared.”

General 11

“I made some great friends at BRCTC, and my professors were invaluable in helping to ensure my transition to a four-year institution.”

General 10

“At Blue Ridge I was treated with respect and patience. Everyone was understanding and willing to guide me along my process to obtain my Associates.”

General 9

“Blue Ridge CTC made it possible for me to work and go to school. There was also a greate sense of community with people from so many different backgrounds and ages all trying to achieve the same goal.”

General 8

“Attending school at Blue Ridge CTC helped me improve my English, as I am a non-native speaker.”

General 7

“Having online course options at Blue Ridge CTC was the perfect fit for my life.”

General 6

“My education and training at Blue Ridge CTC led to me receiving a pay raise at my job. I was able to receive an associate degree to formalize my knowledge for my career field.”

General 5

“I was able to succeed at Blue Ridge CTC because of the kind faculty and staff, the access to computer labs, and having a Financial Aid team on site.”