General 6

“My education and training at Blue Ridge CTC led to me receiving a pay raise at my job. I was able to receive an associate degree to formalize my knowledge for my career field.”

General 5

“I was able to succeed at Blue Ridge CTC because of the kind faculty and staff, the access to computer labs, and having a Financial Aid team on site.”

General 4

“Best thing about when you graduate from Blue Ridge you already have hands-on experience with the field of work your going in. You essentially work your last semester at your internship. More than likely you will have a job already when you graduate.”

General 3

“Blue Ridge CTC is giving me the opportunity to get a head start on my career through education. I learn more each week about starting and running a business.”

General 2

“My program required an internship that helped me understand what my career entailed and advanced my career path.”

General 1

I was given many opportunities to help me succeed at Blue Ridge CTC