General 15

“I feel like I fit in at Blue Ridge CTC. The school is nice, and the people are all professional and treat you like an independent adult. You are respected, and it is a good environment to be in.”

General 14

“My professors gave all of the students in my class the care they needed to succeed.”

General 13

“Everyone was always so nice and helpful. I made a lot of new friends. I would recommend this college to anyone!”

General 12

“My instructors all knew me by name and I felt like more than a number. I transferred to a four-year institution after BRCTC and felt prepared.”

General 11

“I made some great friends at BRCTC, and my professors were invaluable in helping to ensure my transition to a four-year institution.”

General 10

“At Blue Ridge I was treated with respect and patience. Everyone was understanding and willing to guide me along my process to obtain my Associates.”

General 9

“Blue Ridge CTC made it possible for me to work and go to school. There was also a greate sense of community with people from so many different backgrounds and ages all trying to achieve the same goal.”

General 8

“Attending school at Blue Ridge CTC helped me improve my English, as I am a non-native speaker.”

General 7

“Having online course options at Blue Ridge CTC was the perfect fit for my life.”

General 6

“My education and training at Blue Ridge CTC led to me receiving a pay raise at my job. I was able to receive an associate degree to formalize my knowledge for my career field.”