Student Spotlight – Angela Defendini

What major did you complete at Blue Ridge CTC?

Liberal Arts


Tell us what you are doing now. Are you working? If so, what do you do? Are you continuing your studies? If so, where are you a student and what is your major?

I will continue my education at Shepherd University, pursuing a B.A in History and minor in Spanish. I plan to further my education and become a librarian/archivist and translator/interpreter. I have been volunteering at the Shepherdstown Library for nearly a year and am learning a lot. I am also a writer, so I will continue freelance writing.


Have you done anything noteworthy with your degree that you wish to highlight? If so, explain it here.

So far, I have written stories for two video games published on Github and, and am currently working on the third.


Explain one thing you enjoyed about your time at Blue Ridge CTC.

I enjoyed my professors a lot. Particularly Professor Bass and Professor Ralston.


Is there anything else you want us to know?

As a student in their 40’s, returning to college was a little intimidating. But the experience was very pleasant and I appreciated how much care and attention I received from my advisor. I learned a lot about myself and stretched myself to grow in unexpected ways.