Utility Technician

  1. Job Title
    Utility Technician
  2. Job Location (City, State)
    Kearneysville, West Virginia
  3. Salary Information (optional)
  4. Job Description
    Performs a variety of tasks in assisting and participating in the locating, laying, repairing, and extending underground water mains and distribution pipes. This position may also perform day-to-day activities that may include meter reading, service repairs, flushing hydrants or maintenance tasks of a water/wastewater treatment facility. Sets up barricades and places safety lights around work site to protect workers from street traffic.
    Breaks up asphalt and concrete, using pneumatic power tools for trenching and compaction.
    Manually digs valve boxes and curb boxes, using shovel and digging bar.
    Guides pipe sections, valves and fittings into position and holds pieces steady while worker tightens connections.
    Taps into pressurized water mains.
    Flares and connects copper and plastic piping.
    Installs repair clamps on pressurized water mains and service lines.
    Operates valves and fire hydrants.
    Investigates complaints and determines corrective action per company procedure.
    Operates pneumatic and/or hydraulic boring equipment.
    Completes all necessary forms, sketches, field notes and uses maps and records.
    Drives vehicles and/or trucks in performance of general job.
    Directs the activities of any personnel assigned.
    Performs any other duties as assigned by supervisor.
    Will be responsible to do field service work which would include meter repair.
  5. Application Instructions
    https://jobs.amwater.com/job-invite/105593/ This is the direct link to read the full job description and to apply for it.