Health, Safety, & Environmental Professional

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Health, Safety, & Environmental Professional
To follow is a list of HSE responsivities and duties, though additional functions and training may be
necessary as deemed appropriate.
o Any additional training/and or schools will be paid for and provided by the
o Travel will be required in this position.
• OSHA 30 is desired but will be provided through company-based training.
• Asbestos Inspector
• Asbestos Supervisor
• Study specifications to plan procedures for construction based on starting and completion.
• Confer with supervisory and engineering personnel and inspectors to resolve construction
problems and improve construction methods.
• Inspect work progress to ensure that the workmanship conforms to plans and specifications.
• Conduct daily safety and health inspections and maintain a written deficiency tracking log which
includes area/operation inspected, date of inspection, identified hazards and recommended
corrective actions, estimated and actual dates of corrections.
• Conduct mishap investigations and complete required reports.
• Maintain the OSHA form 300.
• Maintain applicable safety reference material on the job site.
• Attend the pre-construction conference, pre-work meetings including preparatory inspection
meeting, and periodic in-progress meetings.
• Implement and enforce accepted APPs and AHAs.
• Maintain a safety and health deficiency tracking system that monitors outstanding deficiencies
until resolution.
o A list of unresolved safety and health deficiencies shall be maintained
• Ensure sub-contractor compliance with safety and health requirements.
You have the authority to stop work on the project site if, in your opinion, the work does not comply with
contract plans and specifications, environmental laws and regulations or in situations where the work will
impact human health or the environment.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Send your resume if interested to

Raymond L. Johnson

Biological Sciences Technician

Biological Sciences Technician Location: Appalachian Fruit Research Station, USDA ARS Kearneysville, WV

This position offers an exciting opportunity to learn about and participate in the full spectrum of plant breeding. Under the direction of a USDA-ARS grape breeder, this technician will assist in diverse activities to develop new grape varieties that are downy mildew resistant and are suitable for growing in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Primary responsibilities:
• Participate in crossing grapes from diverse germplasm, labeling, harvesting, and extracting seeds.
• Conduct visual disease evaluation and support data collection by lab and vineyard imaging robots. • Assist in site preparation, planting, and grapevine maintenance and training. • Contribute to laboratory, greenhouse, and field experiments as required including collecting and processing plant samples for genetic analysis and trait analysis.
• Prepare inventories for the lab, greenhouse, and field supplies and fill the stocks as required.

What we need:
• Will consider applicants with Associate Degrees as well; Bachelor’s degree in biology, genetics, or a related field; or at least five years of relevant horticultural experience.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving.
• Excellent record keeping and ability to track projects and samples with minimal supervision.
• Teamwork, flexibility, and an aptitude for working with a diverse group.
• Must have U.S. citizenship, a valid driver’s license, and be willing to travel.
• Ability to work outside in hot environments with bending and lifting to 60 pounds. Additional qualifications that would be helpful:
• Experience in viticulture, plant pathology, and/or plant breeding.
• Previous experience working in a greenhouse and laboratory.

To apply for this opportunity: please submit a cover letter and CV (or resume) to Dr. Surya Sapkota at

Preferred start date: April 3, 2023. Wages will be commensurate with experience.