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Opened: Fall 2017P&G_logo
Initial P&G Employees: 300 at opening in Fall 2017
Total P&G Employees: About 700 by Fall 2019
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P&G Certification Program

The purpose of this program is to obtain the skills necessary for a foundation to be successful in a Fortune 500 company, specifically targeting Procter & Gamble. This curriculum includes a variety of examples of Procter & Gamble processes. During this program, students have the opportunity to meet with Procter & Gamble leadership. This meeting consists of a tutorial of the interworking of Procter & Gamble and concludes with a Q&A session with the audience.

Program Curriculum

MECH 101 – Introduction to Mechatronics (1)
MECH 101L – Introduction to Mechatronics Lab (2)
MECH 106 – Electricity & Electronics (2)
MECH 106L – Electricity & Electronics Lab (2)
MECH 110 – Mechanical Systems I (3)
MECH 230 – Industrial Controls (2)
MECH 250 – Intro to PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers (3)

* Completion of this certification does not guarantee employment with Procter & Gamble.

These courses are included in the Blue Ridge CTC Associate of Applied Science in Mechatronics and the Certificate in Machine Operator/Mechatronics. Students interested in pursuing the Procter & Gamble Certification Program may enroll as degree seeking OR non-degree seeking. Degree seeking enrollment is not a requirement of certificate completion.

For more information about this program, contact:

Laura Busey
304.260.4380 ext. 3416

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Advanced Manufacturing Information Session

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