Bridge The Skill Gap With Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Training

Support workforce performance improvement by empowering them with advanced manufacturing skills to increase productivity and drive innovation.

Blue Ridge CTC employs proven advanced manufacturing workforce development training to ensure operational excellence for the workforce. We pay attention to developing core skills like robotics, quality assurance, machine and fabrication, and more vital for a robust manufacturing process.

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Upskill The Workforce With Advanced Manufacturing Tools?

Equip the workforce with world-class manufacturing competencies and skills they need to support advanced manufacturing in the future. Blue Ridge CTC provides a competency-based and specific skill-based workforce training platform.

Uplift and Nature Valuable Employees By:
    • Empowering them with one of the most advanced workforce development for manufacturing training.
    • Training them on foundation subjects like Industrial Controls Mechanical Systems, Systematic Troubleshooting, Structural Systems, and more.
    • Boosting up the morale by innovative and collaborative training approach.

Attention to Details

With speed and precision being a priority in manufacturing, workers need to be laser-focused and detail-oriented. When operating heavy machinery, a lack of attention can spell danger. Therefore, we work towards upscaling their skills.

Critical Thinking

Manufacturing workers have to be able to think on their feet and troubleshoot minor problems and be capable of making sound, in-the-moment decisions in response to unforeseen issues. We work on such skill sets during the training process.

Aptitude for Technology

Demonstrating an interest in technology and a desire to learn it is vital for the long-term growth of the workforce and the organization. We work towards making the workforce future-proof by introducing them to advanced technologies.

Why Consider Blue Ridge CTC Workforce Training Program?

To deliver maximum learning benefits, we develop customized corporate training solutions that guide the workforce through the technology-driven manufacturing of today.

We conduct an in-depth gap analysis to determine the current state of the workforce and create the best-fit training plan that outlines a more aligned and accelerated path for a technology-driven manufacturing workforce that delivers efficiency leading to personal, organizational, and economic benefit. We provide:

    • A flexible blended learning platform that combines eLearning elements, classroom, and hands-on training with industry experts.
    • Customized training modules for each partner to suit their specific needs.
    • Train on-site, off-site, online—or take a hybrid approach.
    • Short micro-learning modules that are easy to complete and imbibe.
    • We award college credit to all participants who complete a training course.
    • Competent curriculum that is updated and meets industry standards.

What Makes The Advanced Manufacturing Program Result-Driven?

Blue Ridge CTC training & development for manufacturing program is designed in coherence with industry standards to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce and facilitate them with advanced skills. We offer:

Global Competitiveness

We design the training program that keeps pace with the changing demands of the industry. The industry experts facilitate the workforce with essential tools and knowledge base that they can apply irrespective of industry and make them globally competitive.

Effective Curriculum

We keep the curriculum equipped with the latest industry trends and upgrades. The workforce gets the most current subject knowledge like the latest in machine safety, OSHA 30, and more. As a result, they are well prepared to take up any challenges in the manufacturing unit.

Training Activities

We develop multiple training activities to keep the workforce engaged and attentive. The training includes exercises like constant classroom instruction, practice opportunities such as group case studies, on-the-job skills-based training, scenario-based learning, and more.

Quantifiable Results

We provide qualifiable results to measure the achievement of the workforce and that of the training program. We pay attention to the training completion rate, average test scores, engagement rate, class participation, on-job results, and more.

Learning With Blue Ridge CTC Advanced Manufacturing Training Program

Blue Ridge CTC manufacturing development program meets the needs of organizations of any size and scale. We put together the best training module that is current, result-driven and ensures improved workflow and workforce.

Advanced Manufacturing Training
  • 3D Printing
  • ABB Mechanical Maintenance
  • ABB Robot Studio I
  • ABB Robotics Programming I: US420
  • ABB Robotics Programming II: US425

Words Of Appreciation

Here is what the clients benefitted from Blue Ridge CTC’s customized training programs have to say.

Business Relations We Nurture

We are proud to be part of a dynamic business community that trusts our vision and seeks our capabilities.

Meet The Experts!

The workforce experts at Blue Ridge CTC have the knowledge and experience to help organizations build an effective workforce.

Let Not Finances Stop You From Unlocking Workforce Potential!

The vision of workforce skill up-gradation and business and economic growth shouldn't be out of reach because of cost. We support organizations with the most thought-off financial aid plans.

Having a skilled workforce is essential for employers to reduce operational costs, maintain profitability, and remain competitive. Thereby, we offer well-thought-of financial assistance and grant funding to employers to get their team the most competitive training program. It includes:

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Reward The Workforce With College Credits For Continued Learning

We provide the workforce with college credit during the training program to ensure they are well-recognized for completing the sessions.

Keeping employees’ morale high during the workforce training program and achieving the best outcome, we provide college credit to all participants who complete the training course. We appreciate the effort they put into their coursework, along with the number of hours dedicated to finishing a particular training program.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce supervision and direction
  • Bring economical use of resources

Enhance Productivity By Empowering The Workforce!

Educate employees about industry best skills with custom-designed training programs to strengthen the business and economy at large. From workplace training to real-time application, Blue Ridge CTC workforce training program provides outcome-based education.

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