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Blue Ridge CTC considers the act of registering for class(es) as the intention of the student to be enrolled at the college.  Should a student decide to take fewer hours than was originally registered for or to completely withdraw from all classes he must officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office.  If the student does not officially withdraw or just stop attending classes that student’s ability to receive financial aid in the future could be placed in jeopardy.

Refunds and/or repayments of Title IV financial aid funds (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford Loans and Federal PLUS Loans) received by students who withdraw will be made as required by the Return of Title IV Funds regulations.  Refunds and/or repayments of institutional assistance will be made in accordance with the Refund Policy of the College.

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw in accordance with College procedures may receive a refund of tuition and fees in accordance with the schedules outlined below. The refund calculation is based on the amount paid toward tuition and fees. (No refunds on partial withdrawals) Refunds are determined from the first day of the school term, which officially begins with orientation and registration days. The official withdrawal date is certified by the registrar. Refund checks are issued through the State Treasury, and receipt of a refund may take up to six weeks depending upon the date of withdrawal. To get a 100% refund you must drop ALL classes by the end of add/drop.

Regular Session

During first and second weeks                                   90%
During third and fourth weeks                                   75%
During fifth through eighth weeks                            50%
Beginning with ninth week                                          No Refund

Summer Session

During first 10% of the term                                       90%
From 11% to 25% of the term                                     75%
From 26% to 50% of the term                                    50%
After 50% of the term is completed                          No Refund

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