Jefferson County Schools Information Technology Technician

Posted 2 months ago

Title: Information Technology Technician

  • Experienced in computer repair
  • Demonstrated a working knowledge of Informational Technologies and computer lab management
  • Aware of computer topics and educational materials available develop a K-12 technology-based curriculum.
  • Able to perform regular and preventive maintenance on county owned technological equipment.
  • Any Technology Certification including A+, Security +, ect.

Immediate supervisor: Director of Technology

Term of employment: 240 days, 8am-4pm


1. Operate and maintain all county owned technology hardware and software

including Chromebooks, Windows, and Apple products

2. Assist with keeping a current inventory of equipment and supplies and place

orders as needed

3. Assist in assuring county compliance of all laws and site licensing agreements

4. Provide aid in maintenance and operation of county owned equipment

5. Maintain and upgrade professional and technological skills

6. Provide technological assistance to end users including but not limited to

central administration, principals, teachers, students, and and/or caregivers

7. Review and complete work orders as assigned

8. All other duties as assigned

Performance Expectations and Standards:

1. Excellent oral and written communication skills for both technical and non-

technical information.

2. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.3. Possess independent problem-solving techniques.

4. Ability to interface well with others while providing support.

5. Performs various physical tasks including installation of cable, drops, phone in a

timely manner

Public and Employee Relationship:

1. The incumbent must have the ability to influence, articulate, and implement

initiatives, streamline processes through the use of technology

2. The incumbent must exhibit an unbiased attitude toward fulfillment of the

goal/initiatives of the Jefferson County School Board and the Office of


3. The incumbent must exhibit the ability to work with people and demonstrate poise

and empathy for situations in keeping policy and grievant issues in an atmosphere

of conductive discussion

4. The incumbent must act as an agent of the Jefferson County School system in all

matters of communications and services provided by the IT Department


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