Fiscal Accounts Technician Supervisor

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Posted 5 months ago

Fiscal Accounts Technician Supervisor

  1. Job Location (City, State)
    Hagerstown, MD
  2. Salary Information (optional)
  3. Job Description
    The main purpose of this position is to supervise and perform fiscal duties in any one of the various Accounting functions that may include (1) initiate and maintain the payroll and leave records and process bi-weekly payroll, (2) process inmate accounts transactions, (3) post cash, check or money order deposits, (4) review and process vendor invoices for the accounts payable system, (5) prepare accounts receivable invoices for services rendered to others or debts due to the Department, (6) entering and monitoring equipment through the automated fixed assets system, and (7) responsible for materials and supplies management through an automated system.
  1. Supervise Payroll
    1). Verify Data from TCP (Time Clock Plus) pertaining to payroll hours worked per day, suspensions imposed, leave used, shift differential earned, leave without pay and holidays used, for Regular and Contractual Employee’s.
    2). Provide leave balance information to employees and assist with payroll problems.
    3). Collect biweekly timesheets for Regular and Contractual employees.
    4). Maintain adjustments and problem solving discrepancies.
    5). Conduct Bi-weekly Audits of Leave –
    a. Contact the previous employers of those persons who have transferred to the division from other state agencies for the purpose of obtaining their leave balances, dates of entry to state services, and other pertinent information.
    b. Contact employee when they have been overpaid to arrange payments plans with employee.
    6). Reviews various Workday reports to ensure that the leave is accurate
    7). Review Pay results report against Central Payroll Bureau Check Register
  2. Supervise Inmate Accounts
    1). Responsible for posting inmate accounts transactions to the Maryland Offender Banking System (MOBS) associated with cash receipts, telephone, payroll, disbursements, releases, transfers and other entries that impact inmate accounts.
    2). Respond to inquiries concerning an inmate’s account
    3). Assist in reconciling balances to agency bank account and the State of Maryland Financial Management Information System (FMIS)
    4). Perform daily lockbox operations to post deposits to inmate accounts
    5). Review and return inmate mail to senders as needed
  3. Supervise Cash and Check Receipts
    1). Ensure checks or money orders are restrictively endorsed and stamped “For Deposit Only” and recorded in the Cash Receipts Log.
    2). Process daily receipts – verify, reconcile, deposit and maintain cash receipts posted by bank’s automated system (lockbox, or vendor secure deposit) and those prepared manually by other Fiscal Technicians
    3). Prepares deposit slips from daily receipts, post deposit into the Financial Management Information System (FMIS), and confirm that the deposit proves in the unit’s database (Offender Based State Correctional Information System II (OBSCIS II), and MOBSII, etc.
    4.) Ensure that a positive balance is readily available for the daily work by completing the daily check reconciliation summary by end of day
    5.) Manage deposited funds by tracking the daily deposits and returned checks in an Excel spreadsheet
    6.) Assist with research and transfer from the suspense account in FMIS
    7.) Assist in review of Central Collection Unit Debt Payment and Postings
  4. Supervise Accounts Payable
    1). Open and sort mail to include date stamping and logging invoices into Excel spreadsheet
    2). Scan invoices that need to be authorized by receiving unit
    3). Process invoices by accumulating all necessary information and backup documentation to insure the timeliness and accuracy to submission to the State of Maryland General Accounting Division
    4). Process interagency transfer by accumulating all necessary data to insure timeliness and accuracy of payments to other state agencies. Review procurement and receiving documents to match the invoices
    5). Assist vendors with inquiries concerning payments, to include research on the State of Maryland FMIS, Advanced Purchasing Inventory Control System (ADPICS) screens
  5. Supervise Accounts Receivable
    1) Establish an accounts receivable for amounts owed by a unit of federal, state or local government, an employee, other individuals or entities.
    2) Ensure the documentation includes the name of individual or agency to be invoiced. Purpose, date or period of the debt, and amount to be invoiced, and/or details to determine the amount.
    3) Ensure invoices prepared timely and input into the FMIS Relational Statewide Accounting and Reporting System (RSTARS)
    4) Review Accounts Receivable aging report and notify debtor every 30 days for payment.
    5) Except for State and Federal agencies, send accounts that remain delinquent for ninety days to the State of Maryland Central Collections Unit. State and Federal delinquent accounts are 180 days. 6) Make calls to agencies and individuals when appropriate for collection and document efforts.
  6. Supervise Fixed Assets
    1). Post equipment valuing at $500 for capital and $250 for sensitive to the Financial Management Information System Fixed Asset System Module with documentation from paid invoices and property receipts. Input any building, land and improvements, and construction as appropriate from the Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance
    2). Run monthly FMIS reports Detail Accounting and Financial Reports (DAFRT100, as well as others) and compare equipment and land objects to the Property Officer A-track inventory system. Note any discrepancies and follow up with the Fiscal Officer and Property Officer.
    3). Assist in monthly reconciliation report by providing information for the control account
    4). Assist in preparing Annual Report of Fixed Assets to the Department of General Services
  7. Supervise Materials and Supplies fiscal functions
    1) Post transactions to the Enterprise Inventory Management System (eIMS) to account for the materials and supplies inventory to all warehouses for inventory management for items received and disbursed
    2) Posts transactions for the periodic counts to the warehouses. Verifies the ending counts for overage and shortage amounts.
    3) Posts receiving documents to FMIS for commodities received.
    4) Contacts the warehouse custodians concerning problems and discrepancies

Education: Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate.

Experience: Three years of experience reconciling agency accounting systems to fiscal control systems or developing automated spreadsheets, ledgers and reports using accounting software packages or identifying budget trends and recommending budget realignments.


  1. Experience calculating and recording financial, statistical or other numerical data may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the required high school education.
  2. Candidates may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience in Financial Clerical/Finance Technicians classifications or specialty codes in the financial field of work at a rate of one year of military experience for the required experience.
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    Must apply online at

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    Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
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    Nicole Stotelmyer
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    Western Maryland Regional Recruiter
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