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Mental Health Resources

Our College supports students’, faculty and staffs’ mental health and wellness.  We contract with EastRidge Health Systems, a local community mental health facility. This partnership helps students, faculty and staffs’ with mental illness and adjustment issues to live productive lives and to succeed academically.

Students, faculty and staff have three visits that are covered by the college. Individuals become self-pay after the first three sessions if they do not meet WV charity care requirements or are not covered by insurance.

Services offered by EastRidge include general therapy, medication management, and intensive outpatient substance abuse groups.

To schedule an appointment, call 304-263-8954 extension 7052 and speak to Sandy Kovach. Identify yourself as a Blue Ridge student, faculty or staff member and be prepared to offer your name, birthdate, health insurance information, and a good phone number for you. You will receive a return call to schedule an appointment.

In the event of a mental health crisis, the 24-hour hotline is available to everyone at 304-263-8954 extension 4. During daytime hours, please stay on the line until someone answers your call! Although it may take some time, your call WILL be answered.  After hours, leave a message, and your call will be returned within 20 minutes.

For more information, please contact Brenda Neal at or 304-260-4380 x.2109.

1-800-273-TALK (8255)



Blue Ridge Community and Technical College is now a proud member of ULifeline!

ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where college students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding mental health and suicide prevention. ULifeline includes facts on mental health and wellness topics, suicide prevention, and how to help a friend. You can access self-screening tools and gather information concerning anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, and other topics of interest to college students.

Why is ULifeline needed? College students are particularly vulnerable for developing mental health disorders. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Yet, most college students are misinformed or unaware of the signs and symptoms of depression and other emotional disorders. ULifeline provides a safe, private, user-friendly place for students to learn more about mental health.

Who produces ULifeline? ULifeline is a program of The Jed Foundation, the nation’s leading nonprofit public organization working to prevent suicide among college students and improve the mental health support available on campuses nationwide. Since its inception, ULifeline and The Jed Foundation have reached millions of parents, students, administrators, and most importantly, those who have suffered in silence.  The Foundation will continue to be vigilant in improving the ULifeline organization and its ability to educate, raise awareness, and most importantly, reduce the stigma associated with mental health seeking on a college campus, which ultimately, we believe, will help those truly in need.

Who can use ULifeline? College students are the primary audience for ULifeline.  They access ULifeline to get mental health information for themselves or if they are concerned about a friend. The site, however, is available to anyone in the college community, including faculty, staff, administrators, and family members.

Link for BRCTC ULifeline –


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