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Blue Ridge CTC Students Benefit from Partnership with TSPi

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Martinsburg, WV. Blue Ridge Community and Technical College (BRCTC) students have seen a special opportunity emerge through an on-going partnership with Technology Solutions Provider, Inc. (TSPi). TSPi, a Virginia based company that specializes in Digital Transformation and IT Modernization, began working with the college in 2019 when looking for an opportunity to impact the community. TSPi had the foresight to invest in the College’s ability to provide highly qualified candidates with high-impact education and training experiences. The partnership between BRCTC and TSPi has three primary goals: 1) Establish a local incubator program where TSPi works with BRCTC to train students in software development 2) Provide employment opportunities to those students, and 3) Make a positive economic impact in local communities.

Working with BRCTC, TSPi selected an initial cohort of seven students for the incubator program based at the Blue Ridge CTC Morgan County Center located at the Pines Opportunity Center in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Selected students were enrolled with BRCTC, studying Cyber Security, Mobile Application, or Software Development, which provided a strong foundation for participation in the incubator program. To be eligible to work with TSPi, cohort members were required to obtain a “Public Trust” security clearance and be able to work 32 hours a week, with TSPi offering dedicated time for academic studies. Through this process, TSPi also provided participants with practical on-the-job training for high-demand software development tasks using technologies including Salesforce and Appian. All members of the cohort successfully completed the initial project and were subsequently hired into full-time positions as junior developers within the company. The success of this partnership provides strong confirmation of the value of this program to both students and employers.

Student participants in this program utilized a West Virginia Learn and Earn grant, which provided financial assistance for students employed with business partners of the College. Learn and Earn grants allow selected BRCTC students to receive on-the-job training to augment continuing education in the classroom.

“It is a pleasure to work with TSPi to fulfill the College’s mission of providing life-changing education, training, and services that drive economic development with our communities,” said Dr. Ann Shipway, Vice President of Workforce Development and Engineering Technologies. “TSPi continues to support innovative educational and economic initiatives by interviewing and hiring Blue Ridge Community and Technical College students for technical positions.  We are proud of our students’ involvement in our partnership with TSPi and look forward to seeing more students prepare for engaging careers with TSPi.”

“The idea to partner with BRCTC largely came from the backgrounds of the senior leadership at TSPi,” said Mr. Brad Wintermute, Vice President at TSPi. “Our CEO Vishal Suri is himself a community college graduate and I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, so the idea of creating a technology center in a small town supported by a community college appealed strongly to both of us.  It’s no secret that many small towns in the US have lost local employers in recent years and the new digital-economy jobs have been primarily created in the larger metropolitan areas.  But, we also knew that smart people aren’t only found in the cities.  Because of this we decided to work with BRCTC to create a partnership where the school, the students, and our company could all benefit together.  By creating opportunities for bright, hard-working people to learn, live, and work in a small-town environment we are making a positive impact on local lives, the local economy, and deliver results to our clients across the country every day.   This program has been a tremendous success for TSPi, and we have gained several fantastic employees as a result.  We deeply appreciate our partnership with BRCTC and the support from the state of West Virginia that has made this program possible.   We look forward to further work together for years to come.”

For more information about training opportunities, or to enroll contact or 304.260.4380 ext. 2000. For information about Learn and Earn Grant opportunities and employer partnerships, contact Kim Moss, or 240.329.7022.

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