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Web Tools for Teaching

Web Tools for Teaching

Free Web 2.0 Tools

Google Sites
Create web pages on a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files in one location

Express ideas on interactive digital posters with text, images, music, video

Take screenshots and record screencasts for on-screen demonstrations, student feedback, and much more

Videos and documentaries can be embedded in your course using the Mashup tool

Record audio by phone or microphone, or use Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to generate a flash player to embed in any website or blog

Access thousands of free photographs on this comprehensive site to enhance your online lessons (free use guidelines apply)

Fill an online notebook with various types of content then share with your class

Software Applications

Content authoring software used to create professional, engaging, and interactive lessons than integrate with the Blackboard Grade Center

Take a photo of your computer screen, create video demos, enhance images with stamps, text, and effects, and more

Camtasia Studio
Record your screen to capture PowerPoint slides, videos, and webpages, then edit your recordings by cutting, splicing, and combining clips, importing music and photos, and creating interactive videos with clickable links

How to Integrate Web –Based Tools in Your Blackboard Course:

  1. Access the website for the tool.
  2. Create the tool, presentation, collaboration space, etc.
  3. In your Blackboard course, create an Item in a content area.
  4. On the Create Item page, type a Name.
  5. In the Text Editor, click the Toggle HTML Source Mode icon.
  6. Locate the “embed code” (this is usually available by clicking a link to share or embed the content) and copy it.
  7. Paste the embed code.
  8. Click Submit.

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