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TurnItIn Help for Faculty

TurnItIn Help for Faculty

TurnItIn is a plagiarism detection tool for instructors and students to help preserve the academic integrity of student work in your courses.

When students submit documents to TurnItIn, their work is checked against current and archived web content, electronic research databases, and the standard student repository. An Originality Report is generated for both students and instructors to see which areas of a document are similar to other resources and academic literature. Instructors will want to set a standard for acceptable similarity on assignments (e.g. 5% or 10%).

At Blue Ridge CTC, instructors have two options for using TurnItIn: (1) the website or (2) the TurnItIn Tool within your Blackboard course site.

To Use TurnItIn via Blackboard

TurnItIn integrates seamlessly with our Blackboard learning management platform, so there are less steps involved in getting started. Once you have a Blackboard account and course site, you simply add TurnItIn Assignments to your course. TurnItIn recognizes your e-mail and your students’ names and e-mails from information in the Blackboard environment so there is no need to duplicate efforts on the website.

Watch this short video to see how to use TurnItIn in your Blackboard course:

Once students have submitted their TurnItIn Assignment via Blackboard, you can view the Originality Reports and grade the Assignment from the Needs Grading area on your Control Panel.  You can also log on to to access Assignment submissions without grading.

To Use the Website

  1. Request a TurnItIn faculty account by e-mailing
  2. After your account is established, create your courses and assignments. Watch the video below to see how.
  3. Once you’ve established your courses and assignments, don’t forget to provide your Course ID and Password to students. (The course syllabus is a great place to do so.)

TurnItIn for Students

This short video gives instructors a sneak peek of TurnItIn from the student perspective:

More Information

Please visit the TurnItIn Help Center for guided training, video tutorials, troubleshooting and FAQs. For technical issues, use the Create Ticket button to contact TurnItIn Support.

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