Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Getting Started

Getting Started

I Registered For an Online Course…Now What?

  1. Complete The Orientation Course: All first-time online and hybrid/online students should complete orientation. Orientation contains information about:
    • The basics of online learning and your online course
    • Online student responsibilities
    • The learning and technical skills you will need to be a successful online student
    • How to log in and use Blackboard
    • The resources available to online students
  2. Log In to Blackboard: Online classes are conducted through Blackboard, the college’s online classroom platform. You can access Blackboard from the college’s homepage by clicking the Blackboard link at the  top of the page.
    • Username: Your username is your computer username (e.g. JDOE01)
    • Password: Your Blackboard password is synced with your BRIDGE PIN. Enter the same PIN you use to access your BRIDGE account to access Blackboard.
  3. Get Comfortable With Your Email: You must use your Blue Ridge CTC account. Email is the primary way the college and your instructor communicate with you and all e-mail sent through Blackboard goes to your student email account.
  4. Keep In Mind: All online classes have due dates and deadlines just like campus classes. It is important that you log in to your course as soon as it is available so that you can begin your course work.

Once you log in to your course, if you have any questions about the course be sure to contact your instructor immediately.



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