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Occupational Development: Child Development Specialist

By earning a degree as a child development specialist, you will elevate children’s learning and sense of self in today’s world.   If you seek a rewarding career working with children in schools or child-care facilities, our program will equip you with the communication skills, developmental knowledge, and confidence to succeed in this field.

Our program carries an apprenticeship requirement, which integrates into the formal higher education curriculum of academically sound “registered apprenticeship programs” (RAPs), which are recommended by the United States Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT).  For guidance completing the apprenticeship portion of the program, contact the local United States Bureau of Apprenticeship Coordinator and refer them to the Apprenticeship for Child Development Specialist website at

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What are my career options?

Upon degree completion, you will enjoy increased wages and solid job security.  You will be qualified to seek a fulfilling career in child care facilities as a director or as a classroom aide in an elementary school.