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Customizable Resources

Customizable Resources

Select a link to download a customizable resource. When prompted by your web browser, choose to Save the document and then edit as you wish.

Remember to convert documents to .PDF format before uploading into Blackboard.

Use this template to help you get started with your course syllabus. Add the completed syllabus to your Course Information area in Blackboard.

Course Map
This graphic organizer can help students navigate your course structure and organization. Fill in the items you have placed in each area beneath the corresponding link on your Course Menu. Add the Course Map to the Course Information area in Blackboard, and/or to your orientation materials.

Sample Lesson Plan
Using a lesson plan template can help you organize your course and, more importantly, will show you and your students how assignments and assessments are aligned with learner outcomes and objectives. Once you’ve drafted your lesson plans, use them to create Lesson Plans or Learning Modules within the Course Content area of Blackboard.

Sample Announcements
Take a look at these sample announcements for ideas on posting first-day announcements and “how-to’s” for your students. You can create and edit announcements from your instructor Control Panel (select Course Tools) that will appear at the course entry point, or Announcements page.

Instructor Introduction
If you’re teaching a fully-online course, it’s important to have a presence in the “classroom.” Adding an Instructor Introduction, and a picture if you choose, will help students get to know you. Use this sample for ideas when creating your own.

Discussion Board Scoring Guide
Provide students with a rubric for evaluating their participation in virtual discussions. You can use this one, customize it to suit your needs, or use the table to create your own criteria.

How-To: Save & Submit a File
Since students are likely to create electronic products for your course, add this “How-To” to your Course Information area in Blackboard as a refresher on file management and attachments.

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