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Register for an Exam

For your convenience, testing candidates can now register for all exams online through RegisterBlast®. RegisterBlast® is a quick, easy and confidential way for all testing candidates to register and confirm an appointment to complete testing, including, Accuplacer, TEAS, Certiport, ATI, proctor exams, and more! All test candidates must complete the online registration through RegisterBlast to schedule a test date.

How To Schedule an Exam

  1. Click on the Schedule Testing link below.
  2. Select your test from the group.
  3. Choose your exam.
  4. Select an exam date and time.
  5. Enter your personal information.
  6. Submit payment for any necessary fees. (Note: Testing fees vary based upon exam type)
  7. Select the Ready to Checkout to confirm your test.

Schedule an Exam