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Tutoring and Assistance Programs

Academic Alert Program

Academic Alert identifies students experiencing academic difficulty at any point during their education on the Ridge. Once identified, the Student Success Counselor addresses a student’s needs, increasing the likelihood of their success. Students may be identified for Academic Alert for a variety of reasons, including frequent absences, accommodations, behavior, tardiness, test scores, language skills, or writing ability. For more information, contact Sara Shade, Retention Specialist, at 304-260-4380 Ext. 2120 or

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Peer Tutor Program

This free service helps students to achieve success by reinforcing classroom instruction and helping students become independent learners. This is a self-serve program where a student completes a tutor request form (pdf) and, when the form is received by the Success Center, a tutor will contact the student within two business days, offering 2-3 times of availability from which the student may choose. Tutors are available for a variety of courses ranging from Academic Foundations to the Sciences.  For more information, contact: Anna Mary Walsh, Program Specialist, 304-260-4380 Ext. 2343,

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Writing Assistance Program

Writing Assistance tutors, whose services are offered free of charge, work with students during all steps of the writing process from brainstorming to final editing. Writing tutors are recommended by professors. Sessions may be available by appointment, but walk-ins are also welcome.

First-Year Student Programs

Adjusting to college life can be quite a challenge. Designed exclusively for our first-year students, these programs boost self-confidence and success on the Ridge:

First Year Experience Course

Many incoming freshmen are ill-equipped for the level of academic achievement expected of them by college faculty. All too often, students discover that habits which seemed adequate for their high school successes are not sufficient for meeting college-level expectations. To improve student success along with retention, The First-Year Experience has been integrated into the Student Success program on the Ridge. The first course of the first semester teaches students how to be successful. This course focuses on crucial components for the first year of higher education in a community college: reading skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, habits for success, exposure to student services, resources, and career planning. The First-Year Experience provides students with systematic exposure to habits for success and emphasizes adaptation to individual learning styles. To learn more, contact Cynthia StewartReading Specialist/ First-Year Experience Coordinator, at 304-260-4830 Ext. 2345 or

Peer Advising for Student Success (PASS)

Peer Advising for Student Success (PASS) was implemented to increase retention, student engagement, and success of first-year students. The program targets new degree-seeking students who are attending part-time or full-time. PASS program mentors are employed to make phone calls, send emails, and conduct face-to- face meetings with all new students throughout their first semester of enrollment. These contact methods provide specific information about the College, academic and student support services, registration procedures, e-mail and BRIDGE, and student engagement activities.

As campus liaisons, PASS mentors encourage students to connect with instructors, advisers, and SGA members. PASS mentors are trained and ready to make referrals to appropriate campus divisions. Through the many relationships they build, first-year students understand the academic and student support services available to them, and become more engaged in the campus community. To learn more, contact Sara Balog, Retention Specialist, at 304-260-4380 Ext. 2120 or