Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Bridge and Email

Bridge and Email

Directions on how to access the BRIDGE system:

Using any computer with access to the internet:

1. Open an online browser

2. Go to

3. Click on Current Students

4. Click: Log in to BRIDGE

5. Enter SID (If you do not know your SID you may look it up on the Bridge Homepage);

6. Enter your 6-digit numerical PIN.

If the student has never used BRIDGE, then enter the birthday (MMDDYY) as the PIN number.  They will then be prompted to change the PIN to a new 6-digit number.  The student will also be prompted to enter a security question, in case the PIN is forgotten.

If the student used BRIDGE previously (probably during Registration) and changed their PIN number, the student should enter the new PIN number.  If they’ve forgotten the new PIN number, Click: Forgot PIN, answer the question correctly, and you will then be prompted to reset your PIN number to a new 6-Digit number, not your birthday.

If an incorrect PIN is entered five times in succession, BRIDGE access will be disabled and the student must visit the Enrollment Management Office.  The Enrollment Management Office will reset the PIN number back to the student’s birthday (MMDDYY).  The Enrollment Management Office requires a picture ID of the student before they will reset the PIN.  The PIN can NOT be reset over the phone, via email or for a third-party.

Directions on how to access Student Email:

All students enrolled at Blue Ridge CTC are assigned an email account.  It is important to check your College email account as this will be the main source of communication between the institution and the students.  Professors will use the student email as a way to communicate.  It is very important that students learn to access and frequently check their Blue Ridge CTC email accounts.

All student email addresses are six letters followed by 2 numbers.  For example

How does a student find out their email address?

Student email accounts and passwords are located on BRIDGE in Personal Information, Password Management.

How does a student log-on to computers?

To log-on to computers at Blue Ridge CTC a student must enter their User Name (which is the first part of their email address) and their Password (both of which can be retrieved from BRIDGE, Personal Information, Password Management).

In the labs at Blue Ridge CTC, the student must also make sure that the domain is listed as BLUE RIDGE.  If the domain is anything else, the student should click on the drop down menu next to the domain box and select BLUE RIDGE from the list.




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