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Blue Ridge CTC Board of Governors Meeting March 5, 2014


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Martinsburg, WV.  The Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Board of Governors met Wednesday, March 5, 2014, and the first action taken was the approval of the minutes from the last meeting.

Dr. Peter Checkovich, President, informed the Board that the previous movement for a statewide tuition cap removal has been dismissed and is no longer in consideration this legislative session. In addition, Dr. Checkovich presented a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with West Virginia Networks (WV Net) which would provide additional reporting tools for the College. The Board approved this MOU.

Justin Ruble, Vice President of Human Resources, presented the amendment to the Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment rule and the repeal of the Productivity rule, which were both introduced at a previous meeting. Both rules have completed the 30 public comment period, and no public comments were received. The Board approved the amended Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment rule, and the repeal of the Productivity rule.

Pamela Stevens, Comptroller, presented the Debt Collection – Student Accounts Receivable rule, and this will be posted to the College’s website for the 30 day public comment period.

Kimberly Lineberg, Chief Financial Officer, presented the current financial statements and the proposed fiscal year 2015 budget plan. The fiscal year 2015 budget plan includes an expected 3.75% reduction in the state allocation. A 10% increase in tuition and fees, which equates to an additional $13 per credit hour, was presented to the Board for approval. Tuition and fee comparisons for both regional and state colleges were reviewed. Blue Ridge CTC is the only college in the West Virginia Community and Technical College System that did not increase tuition and fees during fiscal year 2014. The Board approved the increase, and this will now be submitted for approval by the West Virginia Community and Technical College System.

Dr. Ann Shipway provided an update regarding current Compact revisions underway by the College. Dr. Shipway noted that the Compact will provide additional information regarding the changes and efficiencies that have been implemented to reduce operating costs. In addition, Dr. Shipway reported that the Business and Industry Needs survey has been completed and the statistics are currently being compiled. This survey is done in collaboration with the three local Chambers of Commerce. The survey provides detailed information regarding competitive wages and specific skill sets that employers seek when hiring employees. This feedback is for planning new programs as well as revitalizing current programs.

Leslie See, Vice President of Enrollment Management, provided an update on the current Enrollment Report. The College reported enrollment of 4146 unofficially for the spring 2014 semester. Ms. See noted that planning for the fall 2014 semester is already underway.

Ms. See also presented three rules to the Board, which were all placed into the 30 day public comment period. The first was an amendment to the Drug-Free Workplace & Drugs and Alcohol on Campus rule, stating that students, faculty, and staff will have access to drug and alcohol counseling should they be on campus while intoxicated, and that there must be timely notification of any drug conviction. The second rule Ms. See presented was an amendment to the Graduation Requirement – Grade Point Average for Associate Degrees rule, which would allow for program specific requirements that must be met prior to the conferral of a degree. Finally, Ms. See presented an amendment to the current Student Rights and Responsibilities rule, allowing for a streamlined disciplinary process that allows for due process that ends with a final appeal to the President.

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