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New Hire Orientation Schedule 2016 & 2017
Training and Development Schedule Brochure 2015-2016


NEOGOV Student Employment Supervisor Job Aid
PIQ Training Handout
The Supervisor’s Guide to Student Employment
The Supervisor’s Guide to Successful Interviewing
Title IX Training
Training Attendance Sheet

“The Respectful Workplace” and “The Supervisor’s Guide to a Respectful Workplace” training has been moved to the BlackBoard HR Training Community


Go-Live – Saturday, May 14, 2016

For most employees, the first biweekly pay date is Friday, June 10, 2016 for the pay period beginning Saturday, May 14, 2016 (go-live date).

Noteworthy pay and deduction changes:

  1. The final semimonthly pay period ended Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  Hourly (non-exempt) employee time and leave for Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 was added to the May 31st paycheck.  This time and leave information was pulled from Replicon.  The time and leave system of record is now KRONOS as of Saturday, May 14th and thus Replicon is no longer available for timestamping or leave requests.
  2. Stipends for Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017) and thereafter will be paid biweekly as opposed to last pay of the month.  Stipends for Fiscal Year 2016 will continue to be paid monthly with the last pay in May and June.  Cell. phone reimbursements will transition to bi-weekly reimbursements beginning July 1st.
  3. 9-month faculty employee pay dates will not be impacted for the current appointment period/fiscal year.  However, next academic/fiscal year appointments will be paid biweekly.
  4. Adjunct appointments for the Spring semester will have a final pay date of June 10, 2016.  The final pay date was previously stated as June 15, 2016 on appointment letters before the go-live date was announced.  The pay amount will not be impacted.
  5. HR/Payroll will afford the opportunity for less than 12-month salaried, exempt employees to “spread their pay” over a full year through a qualified deferred compensation mechanism for appointment periods beginning on or after July 1, 2017.  The go-live date did not afford this opportunity for next year.  More details will be provided to those eligible on how to opt-in.
  6. Benefit deductions will be less per pay period because of the increase in pay periods for a year. The monthly PEIA health insurance and life insurance employee premiums are being split between the June 10th and June 24th pays. The move to bi-weekly deductions for these benefits occurs in the next fiscal year/plan year which starts July 1st.
  7. FMBC will continue to deduct premiums based on the number of pays an employee receives for their appointment period.
  8. Standard LTD and AFLAC participants: deductions are now divided amongst 26 pays.
  9. Deduction and contribution amounts, such as for TIAA retirement, will be less per paycheck since there are now 26 pays in a year as opposed to 24 pays.

Employees are to utilize KRONOS exclusively for recording time and requesting leave.

Supervisor of Exempt Employees ONLY

KRONOS Supervisor of Exempt Employees ONLY Training Guide

Supervisor of Non-exempt Employees

KRONOS Supervisor of Nonexempt and Exempt Employees Training Guide

Salaried (Exempt) Employees

KRONOS Salaried Employee Training Guide
KRONOS Salaried Employee Training Presentation

Hourly (Non-Exempt) Employees

KRONOS Hourly Employee Training Guide

Job Aids, Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Biweekly Pay FAQs
Creating a Desktop Shortcut for MyApps-KRONOS
Go-Live Memo from wvOASIS 4.25.16
KRONOS Log-in Instructions
myApps Registration Instructions
Pay Estimator Application
Pay Stubs within wvOASIS ESS
Viewing Issued Checks-Advices within wvOASIS ESS
Viewing and Downloading Your Paycheck in ESS Video
2016 Pay and Holiday Calendar


For more information regarding employee training and development, please contact Brandon Ledbetter in the Office of Human Resources.