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Student Right-to-Know Information

The Office of Institutional Research collects and analyzes data to prepare various reports and to support strategic planning of Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS 2014 data – Data Feedback Report
IPEDS 2013 data – Data Feedback Report 
IPEDS 2012 data – Data Feedback Report 

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates comprise  of degree-seeking, first-time, full-time-in-college undergraduates disaggregated by race / ethnicity, gender, and receipt of Pell.  This information is presented in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), and Federal CFR Title 34, parts 668.41(a)-(d), 45, and 8(b)(1(ii).

Fall 2013 Cohort
Fall 2012 Cohort
Fall 2011 Cohort

Student body diversity information thru Fall 2015.

Enrollment Information

Fall 2015 Enrollment
Fall 2014 Enrollment
Fall 2013 Enrollment
Fall 2012 Enrollment

Fall 2011 Enrollment
Fall 2010 Enrollment
Fall 2009 Enrollment
Spring 2009 Enrollment
Fall 2008 Enrollment
Spring 2008 Enrollment
Fall 2007 FTE and Headcount by Degree
Spring 2007 FTE and Headcount by Degree
Fall 2006 Enrollment